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Easy to manage products with no hidden fees or charges – ever.


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LDN4 Capital: Seeded in 2013, striving in 2020

The company comprises of ten IT geeks, traders and server experts. We only offer one fund (Equanimity), so all efforts are devoted to it. 


The strategy has been running since 2013, and as you can see from our track record, it performs well regardless of what is going on in the world. 


We never deviate from our strategy, even if that means sitting on our hands per se and not trading for weeks; we sit and wait for the trades that match our strategy, and then trade – that keeps are profits protected and our drawdown low.

Our background

Although incorporated in 2017, we have been trading for over 2 decades now.

Our Equanimity fund started life as a private strategy, it then grew to extended family, and then as friends and friends of friends wanted to join, LDN4 Capital was formed, and here we stand today.


We still hold the same values and still retain the same clients as when the fund first started back in 2013.